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Analysis of A Jury of Her Peers free essay sample

This story is given through the point of view of two females which assists with depicting the perspectives on the essayist. All through this story we are given foundation on Minnie yet in addition given knowledge on how her life is currently, and with this left to choose if she is blameworthy of the wrongdoing that was submitted. While Minnie is the primary focal point of the story we can see the subject happened through two of different characters, and furthermore through a contention of a choice that these ladies must make. The fundamental topic of â€Å"A Jury of Her Peers† is that of sisterhood, ladies remaining standing for one another regardless of the circumstance. All through the start of the story Mrs. Sound is placed in a circumstance where she can identify with Minnie, not of the resentment or of the disregard, yet of her home the manner in which it was left, and being looked downward on for that. Not long after going out and showing up at the location of the wrongdoing she is disturbed by knowing how close Minnie was and that she had never connected or visited her in longer than a year, and can’t help to think on the off chance that she would have visited what may have been extraordinary. As the story proceeds with Mrs. Solidness is helped to remember what a sweet young lady Minnie was, the manner by which she used to sing so perfectly in the ensemble, and rich and sharp looking she used to be (Glaspell 154). From simply these initial couple of seconds in the story Mrs. Solidness is indicated having sympathy for Minnie and recalling her as a decent young lady who ought to be taken a gander at as honest. As the story keeps on investigating the character of Mrs. Robust she is seen relating her own life to Minnie’s and how hard it more likely than not been for her to not to have any kids and a spouse that isn't the mindful sort, yet in addition so distant from any other person. Again the regret for Minnie is demonstrated when Mrs. Sound sees her organic product demolished (153) and the fix of blanket that is so fixed (156) and one can begin to understand that Mrs. Solidness is placing herself in Minnie’s place. Towards the finish of the story the flying creature is discovered dead enveloped with a container subsequent to being choked (159); uncovering that Minnie had executed her better half. Rather than taking this proof to the men who might have no sympathy for Minnie, Mrs. Sound takes the case and shrouds it in her jacket (162) indicating how she is thinking about and going to bat for Minnie. As this is appeared through the entire story Mrs. Solidness is happy to shroud the proof so the master plan of women’s solidarity can be appeared. Another character that assists with uncovering the subject of this story is Mrs. Dwindles who is the sheriff’s spouse and is alluded to as being hitched to the law (161). As the story starts she is depicted as a little lady that hushes up. While the story proceeds with she begins to become more friendly and like Mrs. Robust identify with Minnie, with all the work that should be done and the pressure of being a lady. It is appeared through her readiness to first take in quite a while for Minnie (158) yet additionally by her interest of the feathered creature confine (157) and what may have happened to Minnie’s just companion. Partially this shows sympathy for Minnie and shows Mrs. Peter’s opening up into her own individual that can think all alone. The topic keeps on being appeared through Mrs. Peter’s character after the dead winged creature is found and she chooses to keep it avoided her significant other and the lawyer (161). At that point the last appearing of her mindful and remaining by Minnie is the point at which she permits Mrs. Robust to have the case and conceal it indicating that the two ladies were never going to discuss this feathered creature again, yet in addition that she was happy to go behind her husband’s back so that Minnie had a superior possibility of being liberated (162). This shows the consideration she has for another lady despite the fact that she has never at any point met her it is significant that these ladies remain together all through life and post for each other. Again the subject is appeared all through this story in a contention. The entire story depends on a contention of what occurred and who had murdered Mr. Wright, yet the genuine clash lies with the two women that went to the house. What might they do when confronted with the choice of staying standing for a kindred lady which battles they could identify with or surrender the proof that would bolt her away for good. At the point when the story starts it is demonstrated that neither of these lady have profound associations with Minnie one possibly knows her from when she was a youngster while the other not in any way. From this it very well may be seen that the ladies initially are unnerved by what has occurred however don't genuinely need to be included. Proceeding with anyway the likenesses of these women’s lives with Minnie’s are appeared, and the thinking about another ladies or the security for her is brought out in their choice to hold the proof that would demonstrate her blameworthy so she can ideally be free. Ultimately, the state of mind ought to be perceived as a colossal piece of demonstrating the topic of this story. From the earliest starting point it is an inauspicious mind-set that is attached to the passing of Mr. Wright however as the story proceeds with we can see the state of mind change over to mindful and caring because of the ladies relating their lives to Minnie’s. Towards the finish of the story the state of mind is appeared as a greater amount of quiet or tranquil in light of the fact that the ladies can arrive at the finish of concealing the proof to spare Minnie. The general topic can be appeared as sisterhood, or the ladies ready to stay standing for each other regardless of what the conditions. Through these two characters we can see their thinking about another ladies and the compassion they put towards her. Likewise through the contention that emerges in whether to show the proof they found and their ultimate choice in that assists with showing the subject to the perusers. At long last through the state of mind of this story the subject is depicted in the ladies meeting up to settle on a choice that assists with helping the temperament. This story gives an extraordinary portrayal of the meeting up of ladies and the consideration they have for one another.

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Favorite Teacher Essay Essays - Marcel Proust, Polling, Free Essays

Most loved Teacher Essay Essays - Marcel Proust, Polling, Free Essays Samantha Jacobs EDF 203 Dr. Day January 20, 2016 Most loved Teacher Essay I moved to Owen County High School my sophomore year and was placed in your group Mrs. Dorton. Ive never been acceptable at the entire school thing, I have consistently been that understudy in class who could possibly get something if the educator would come up to me and disclose it to me one on one. That, however I have to do things hand on and not with a gathering of individuals. Lamentably at my first High School it comprised of gathering work and educators who might just talk and afterward sit at their work area until the ringer rang. Fortunately, my sophomore year of High School I was fortunate enough to be in the class with my prospective most loved instructor. At the point when I consider what sort of instructor I need to become qualities of you ring a bell. Mindful, adoring, yet additionally severe. I need to be that instructor where my understudies feel like they can come to me about anything, I need them to believe me as I confided in you. That, yet I cherished how you would stroll around the class to help disclose things to the understudies who didnt very comprehend what you said the first go around. Rather than being baffled with said understudies you would just gander at them like any other person and help them. I recall one day we were in class and you were basically strolling around instructing, nobody had their telephones out, and you would simply make us chuckle while disclosing to us what the region of a square shape is. That is the thing that I need as an instructor is to have the regard of my group as you did from us. While having the option to have the understudies appreciate only the most straightforward talks. Much thanks to you for being my preferred instructor and I trust when I become an educator, I can affect my understudies as you accomplished for me.

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A View from the Class Ally Tang COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog

A View from the Class Ally Tang COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog The SIPA Office of Alumni and Development is pleased to share another installment of A View from the Class, a SIPA stories series featuring current SIPA students, recently graduated alumni, and SIPA faculty. In this issue, we feature recently graduated SIPA student Ally Tang MPA 18, concentrating in Human Rights and Humanitarian Policy with a specialization in International Conflict Resolution. What were you doing prior to attending SIPA? I practiced commercial litigation in New Zealand for close to three years and also interned in the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague, working in the Office of the Prosecutor. Why did you choose SIPA? I liked its strong focus on global policy, the caliber of SIPA’s faculty with expertise that aligned with my areas of interest, and its location in New York City, a hub of international activity and organizations. Why did you choose to focus your studies on Human Rights and International Conflict Resolution? I wanted to build on my legal background to work on human rights policy, particularly in the area of atrocity prevention. The International Conflict Resolution specialization also provides a good mixture of practical skills and theoretical knowledge. What are some highlights of your SIPA experience? I have really enjoyed being part of a diverse cohort of students, which created a rich learning environment for sharing experiences and ideas through a comparative lens. I interned with the International Justice Program at Human Rights Watch and was part of the Business and Human Rights Clinic for my capstone project. I have also been a teaching assistant for Professor Robert Jervis and Professor Vicky Murillo at the undergraduate and graduate levels. How has SIPA impacted you? SIPA has really broadened my skill set and allowed me to build on my legal training to work in policy areas I am passionate about. The intellectual environment at Columbia is excellent; events and talks on campus have exposed me to an array of ideas and policy discussions from high-level policymakers, heads of state, and leading academics. I’ve also made a number of exceptional friends over the two years. What are your plans after SIPA? I will be working as a Research Analyst at the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect here in New York.

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The Issue Of Substance Abuse Essay - 2075 Words

It is well known that any form of substance use can be fatal, but so can a lot of other things: choking, accidents, health issues, and sheer bad luck. However, there is something special about substance abuse - fatalities from substance use are considered preventable. Take deaths associated with driving under the influence of alcohol, lung cancer brought on by smoking, or heart attacks associated with cocaine use. A person could die in a car crash, from lung cancer, or a heart attack without ever touching alcohol, cigarettes, or cocaine respectively. However, there is an increase in death associated with these items. The most curious part of this is the legal versus illegal categorization of substances. According to the Center for Disease Control, tobacco is considered the leading cause of preventable death (CDC, 2016). Yet, not only is it legal, a person in the U.S. can purchase cigarettes as young as 18, which is three years earlier than the legal age to drink alcohol. This knowled ge leads to questions about addiction and prevalence of substance use. Besides being readily available and highly addictive, are there other factors in the use and abuse of legal substances and are they good indicators of illicit drug use? There is clear evidence to support that children, adolescents, and adults learn and emulate what they see on television. The American Academy of Pediatrics has done research and come to the conclusion that â€Å"the causes of adolescent substance use areShow MoreRelatedThe Issue Of Drug And Substance Abuse2269 Words   |  10 PagesDrug and substance abuse has become prevalent in the contemporary society. Today many people abuse drugs because of the exposure they receive from the internet. Smoking of tobacco and its products has been legalized in the American soil despite its hazardous health impacts. However, the various group argues that smoking of tobacco should be eliminated because of the unhealthy related issues it triggers while smokers c laim that it is their right to smoke. The society has a duty to protect young generationsRead MoreChildhood Health Issues And Substance Abuse1052 Words   |  5 PagesBarbara, Bill and Jean are voluntarily attending family therapy to address some of the past and current issues presented in the family system of the Fordham’s. Barbara presents with a past of growing up in a family of mental health issues, substance abuse and dependency. Bill presents with a similar past of family history of mental health issues and substance abuse. Jean is the product of two parents who are undifferentiated meaning they are too emotionally involved with his or her own familyRead MoreEthical Issues Of Nurses With Substance Abuse Disorder2444 Words   |  10 PagesEthical Issues that the Nurse, Employer, and society encounter when dealing with a nurse that is an addict Diane Jennette University of West Florida Abstract The responsibility of regulating nursing practice that ensures public safety, health and welfare and accountability to the public for proper governance falls on the State Boards of Nursing (BONs). Substance abuse is the most common disease that affects healthcare workers (Darbro, 2009). The disease of substance abuse disorderRead MoreThe Issue Of Substance Abuse Within Indigenous Communities909 Words   |  4 PagesThe issue of substance abuse within Indigenous communities is a key contributor for their over-representation in the YJS. For instance, results from the 2002 NATSISS (National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Survey) has indicated the likelihood of being charged for a criminal offence is 3 in 5 for high-risk alcohol users, in comparison to 1 in 4 for non-consumers (Weatherburn et al. 2006, p8). Moreover, the National Drug Strategy Household Survey has found that IY were more likely thanRead MoreWhy Pregnant Substance Abuse Should Be Treated As A Major Issue1 441 Words   |  6 PagesThere are many reasons why pregnant substance abuse should be treated as a major issue. The effects of substance abuse on the mother, fetus, and the overall pregnancy can range from none to extremely harmful. Women who use drugs during their pregnancy commonly give birth to â€Å"crack babies† or â€Å"drug babies†. These babies can have developmental disabilities or other birth defects. The mother may give birth to a premature infant, underweight infant, or even have a stillborn birth. The drug use of a pregnantRead MoreSubstance Abuse Is A Significant Public Health Issue Across The United States1835 Words   |  8 PagesSubstance abuse is a significant public health issue across the United States today, especially regarding our nation’s youth. The United States consistently continues to have the highest levels of substance use among all other developed countries and has remained third in regards to alcohol consumption (CDC, 2013). D espite leading the world with drug research, illegal drug policy, and one of the highest legal drinking age mandates, the U.S has the highest rates of illegal drug use and abuse, especiallyRead MoreSubstance abuse remains a prominent issue affecting men, women and adolescences young as â€Å"age 11.†600 Words   |  3 PagesSubstance abuse remains a prominent issue affecting men, women and adolescences young as â€Å"age 11.† (William 2014) Substance abuse is an â€Å"excessive use of a potentially addictive substance, especially one that may modify body functions, such as alcohol and drugs. Also called chemical abuse.† (Houghton 2011) In the case of 17- year old Mr. Favel, he models the behavioral theory, which is based through conditioning with the interaction in the environment. Based on the environmental stimuli willRead MoreThe Abuse Of Drugs And Alcohol1365 Words   |  6 PagesThe abuse of drugs and alcohol has been a known issue over past decades. The media paints the picture that alcohol and drug use is fun and the only way to have a good time. While alcohol in moderation is fine, many people find themselves going over board and abusing it. Elicit drugs like cocaine and heroin are highly addictive and have several adverse effects. People find themselves depressed and anxious so they ultimately try to use these drugs to mask the pain instead of getting help for theirRead MoreSubstance Abuse And Addiction : A Meta Analysis1711 Words   |  7 Pagesprimarily dependent of substance tends to affect an individual both physically and psychologically. When reformed, dependency settles in where abuser may have trouble living everyday life without substance sustaining abuser to tolerate the remainder of the day. In the journal article Deficits in Behavioral Inhibition in Substance Abuse and Addiction: A meta-analysis authors Smith, Mattick, Jamadar, Iredale stated â€Å"The results are generally consistent with the view that substan ce use disorders and addictionlikeRead MorePreventing Substance Abuse940 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿ Preventing substance abuse involves developing numerous strategic partnerships. Substance abuse is a multidisciplinary issue, and requires a correspondingly multifaceted and multidisciplinary approach. The strategy for drug abuse prevention must begin with segmenting the market, or analyzing the needs of the community. Is the greatest proportion of abusers in the community youth? If so, what kinds of drugs are most commonly used in the community? Are seniors in the community abusing prescription

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Symptoms And Treatment Of Pain - 1253 Words

Introduction Pain is one of the most common reasons a person will seek treatment from a physical therapist.1 Pain is an abstract concept in which the brain detects a stimuli, interprets the sensation, and responds to the stimuli by producing an unpleasant sensory response.1 Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), which is a common diagnosis seen in patients’ seeking acute or chronic pain relief, is an often debilitating condition that occurs either spontaneously or after limb injury (CRPS Type 1) or following a peripheral nerve lesion (CRPS Type 2).3,4 Several diagnostic terms have been used to classify this condition, including reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) and causalgia.4 However, the exact pathophysiologic mechanism of the condition is still unknown.5 It is believed that CRPS involves multiple pathways and includes both peripheral and central nervous system changes.3,5 Alterations in cutaneous innervations and peripheral and central sensitization, as well as changes i n the representation of the affected limb within the somatosensory cortex, are currently believed to be the primary culprits in the development of CRPS.5 Clinical features of CRPS include sensory disturbances, such as burning pain with allodynia and hyperalgesia, motor disturbances of decreased range, speed, coordination of movement, tremor, and muscle spasms; changes in vascular tone, temperature, and edema; and trophic changes to skin, hair, nails; and perceptual disturbances of self.2,4 Signs andShow MoreRelatedSymptoms And Treatment Of Pain Essay878 Words   |  4 PagesThis is a 71-year-old female with a 2/29/2000 date of injury, when she slipped and fell because of oil on the ground. Diagnoses: Pain in thoracic spine; low back pain; traumatic arthropathy, unspecified site; unspecified sprain of unspecified wrist 12/01/15 Progress report describes that the claimant has increased right shoulder pain. The pain was previously well controlled with medications. The patient stated that she may not be able to drive to her appointments much longer given she also getsRead MoreSymptoms And Treatment Of Pain1654 Words   |  7 Pages Pain is defined as an unpleasant sensory and affective experience associated with tissue damage. Pain is a major symptom in many medical conditions and is one of the most sited reasons why people seek medical assistance (Peterson Bredow 2009). When pain is poorly managed, it can delay healing and recovery. Using the proper nursing assessment skill is very important to assess a patient’s pain level, and determine the best intervention to reduce or eliminate it. Middle range theory suchRead MoreSymptoms And Treatment Of Pain3368 Words   |  14 PagesTo really delve into the complexity of pain, an experience which is phenomenally unique to each individual , this essay will uncover the multifaceted definition of pain, how patients typically describe their pain, differences between fast and slow pain, different types of pain stimuli, the nerve pathways which carry signals to the brain, pain perception, central sensitisation, the clinical presentation of a person with a hypersensitivity disorder such as fibromyalgia, and finally how this case wouldRead MoreSymptoms And Treatment Of Pain1375 Words   |  6 PagesPain is a vastly under treated phenomenon, causing suffering and financial losses to individuals and the society. According to the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP), pain can be defined as not just an unpleasant sensation however, holistically speaking, a complex sensory modality that is essential in the fight for survival. (Patel, N.B. 2010) It is thought to be a defence mechanism designed by the body, for triggering behavioural reflexes that defend against further noxious stimuliRead MoreSymptoms And Treat ment Of Pain1501 Words   |  7 PagesPain is a complex subject that can be confusing for those who suffer with it and is often misunderstood by health care professionals, including physiotherapists. The International Association for the Study of Pain (1979, p.249) defines pain as ‘‘an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage.’’ However, as Christelis (2011) states it is important to note that this definition requires the sufferer to report theirRead MoreSymptoms And Treatment Of Pain1338 Words   |  6 Pagespatient experiences the feeling of pain. Along with this come other emotions, such as frustration and stress. Pain is considered to be subjective so self report will vary among the individual. When patients are admitted to the hospital, evaluating for pain is one of the six vital signs that is assessed at least three times per shift. To deliver patient-centered care, nurses aim to treat the undesirable aspects of pain, regardless of the source. Not only does pain management provide a solution to feelingsRead MoreSymptoms And Treatment Of Pain1563 Words   |  7 Pagescontinued to get worse the pain became excruciating and intolerable. I went to the doctor and was instantly diagnosed with pink eye just as expected. The doctor then prescribed me eyedrops and told me to use hot and cold compresses to relieve the pain. I went home and dropped eyedrops into my eye and used the compresses as told by the doctor, but later took a turn for the worst. The pain grew immensely and I began to undergo photophobia which is the sensitivity to light. The pain was so intense I feltRead MoreSymptoms And Treatment Of The Knee Pain1428 Words   |  6 Pagesa half without any luck. Secondary complaint is high stress level, occasionally feel irritable, low libido, nocturnal emission, coldness and pain in the lower back, dry and itchy genitalia area, hemorrhoids, anxiety, poor memory, warming sensation at night, but when he is not at work feels cold, loose stools and knee pain. Patient says that the knee pain could be from playing soccer on weekends. Patient reports his semen quality is very watery and transparent. States he urinates frequently. Read MoreSymptoms And Treatment Of Chest Pain Essay1355 Words   |  6 Pages CHEST PAIN INTRODUCTION Chest pains have different etiologies; it can be of life - threatening origin such as cardiac disease to pulmonary origin or benign gastro intestinal and musculoskeletal, in some cases as a result of cocaine usage. Early diagnosis and treatment of life-threatening chest pain will reduce associated mortality (Meeisel Cottrell, 2015) This essay will discuss a case of Mr P, 63 year old with chest pain his general appearance, general history, his physical examination, threeRead MoreSymptoms And Treatment Of Chronic Pain1635 Words   |  7 PagesThere are two types of pain that can be distinguished by its durations, such as pain that is short lasting and it lasts from days to few weeks, which are known as acute pain (AP) and persisting pain that lasts over three months or more, which are known as chronic pain (CP) (Kramer-Kile, Osuji, Larsen, Lubken, 2014; Lewis et al., 2014). The CP concept was chosen because the number of people experiencing Chronic Pain (CP) is increasing causing a decrease in people’s quality of life (QOL) and co-mortalities

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Counseling in the Church Free Essays

string(87) " effective training program also incorporates ethics, and addressing ethical dilemmas\." Abstract Select (highlight) this text and then begin typing your abstract, which should be limited to one paragraph of not more than 120 words Introduction Christian counseling has been conducted since the origin of Christianity. Even in biblical times counseling was a part of the churches spiritual life and development. In the Pauline epistles it is clear that God ordained and approved church based counseling. We will write a custom essay sample on Counseling in the Church or any similar topic only for you Order Now Paul states in Romans 1 5:14: â€Å"l myself am convinced; my brothers that you yourselves are full of goodness, complete in knowledge and competent to instruct (counsel) one another†. Like the pagan nations of the time, Christianity also addressed grief and sin. (Deadlocked-Haynes, 2010) There is a need for Christian counseling in today’s church. The need stems for a larger social, cultural, and professional dynamic. In Christ centered soul care, the church is the primary place where healing, growth and healthy relationships take place. Christ centered soul care views hurt as a soul wound. It meaner making connections instead of Just skilled talking. The impact of care and maturity of the counselor outweighs the techniques used. Soul care incorporates the belief that God is the ultimate healer. Soul care goes beyond psychotherapy into spiritual transformation and discipleship. Psychotherapy has its place but should be done in adjudication to the work of the church. (Clinton ; Leaseholder, 2002) Major Themes Pastoral Counseling The term pastoral comes from the Bible; it is the human effort of man responding to Gods call to care. Bock, 2007) It is God ordained for â€Å"some to be pastors and teachers for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ, to which all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of he son of God to a perfect man, to the measure of statue of the fullness of Christ† ( Ephesians 4:11-13) Pastors are essential to the success of today’s church. The preaching and teaching, as well as pastoral counseling transforms lives. Pastoral counseling is not separate but is an extension of preaching. Clinton Leaseholder, 2002) People who are in the church hurting need a pastor whose shepherding is in line of that of the Good Shepherd. In the Bible Paul appointed loving shepherds everywhere he planted a church. Specific duties for them were outlined. As pastors counsel their flock, there approach should be Christ centered ND have a strong theological structure based in love. (Chosen Diabolism, 2007) Lay Counselors There is an ever increasing role of paraprofessional counselor. The increases have been seen both nationally and internationally. There is a significant need limitations of mental health benefits, has raised the need for paraprofessional services. Paraprofessional counselors are those counselors, who have not been formally trained in or credentialed in mental health, yet facilitate mental health care to those who are hurting. Paraprofessional counselors also known as lay counselors operate in such setting as hotness, peer counseling, client’s homes, and within church-based ministries (Garà §on ; Tillie, 2009). It is increasingly difficult in today’s church for a pastor to facilitate all counseling within the church. There is a pressing need today for paraprofessional counselors in the church. Within the church paraprofessional counselors are commonly referred to as lay counselors. All Christians are given the biblical mandate to care for one another. Galatians 6:2 challenges Christians to carry each other’s burdens, and in doing so the law of Christ will be fulfilled. For those who have been given the spiritual gift of exhortation the call is even louder. Scripture illuminates the priesthood in all believers (2 Peter 2:5). Believers are to minister one to another. Lay counseling is a key ministry within the church. The use of lay counselors has scriptural basis, and proven effective through research. (Dry. Tan, 2013) There are three models commonly used by lay counselors. The informal, spontaneous model supports in naturally occurring settings through informal relationships such as friendships. This type of lay counselor may or may not have training. The second model, the informal organized model, lay professionals help in natural settings, but they have training and are supervised. The third model is the formal organized model. With the formal organized model counseling is conducted in an official setting, the counselor is supervised, and the counselor has received training. There are hybrid models that incorporate the informal organized and formal organized models (Garà §on ; Tillie, 2009). Incorporating A Counseling Ministry Within the Church Dry. Slang-Yang Tan the editor of the Journal for Psychology and Christianity suggest our steps to follow to incorporate counseling ministries within a church. 1. Decide the appropriate model for counseling. To incorporate lay counseling as a ministry the choice is between informal, organized and formal, organized models. In larger churches, both models are incorporated at times. Having the ability to incorporate both models gives, different levels of care, appealing to different clients. Some cultures have a stigma against formalized counseling. Within a church where this stigma may be present the informal organized model may be deemed more appropriate. 2. Obtain support from both the pastoral staff and churches board. To be sure that the foundations for counseling are laid securely; full support from the pastoral staff and church board is a must. Counseling ministries should be viewed as an extension of pastoral care, and vital to the health and development of the church. 3. Selection and screening of persons who are gifted and qualified from the congregation. Person can be recruited openly or privately. Open recruitment involves an announcement to the congregation, and taking applicants. Closed recruitment involves the church leadership nominating candidates. No matter the selection process candidates should be interviewed and trained. Selection should be done after interviewing and training is complete. 4. Establish an effective training program normally incorporate basic listening and helping skills. It is also recommended that the training program includes, Bible knowledge as it relates to people helping, counseling skills, common problems like depression and spiritual dryness. An effective training program also incorporates ethics, and addressing ethical dilemmas. You read "Counseling in the Church" in category "Papers" Lay counselors should be given instructions on how to obtain informed consent with linens. 5. Establish ministries for using lay counselors. The specific ministries established for care using lay counselors will depend on the models chosen by the church. There should be continuous training and supervision for lay counselors. If the church has the resources the training should be conducted by licensed mental health professionals or at a minimum by an experienced pastor or church leader who has such knowledge. Some state laws may not allow the use of the term lay counselor due to licensing laws for paraprofessional counselors. In this instance other terms ay be used for example lay helpers or lay caregivers (Dry. Tan, 2013). Individual Counseling Within the church setting one on one counseling is often conducted. Using one framework, the counselor helps the client connect with God who ultimately changes the client. In this framework God is invited in and God is the one primarily changing the client. Through God the client moves closer to their goals, and deepens their relationship with God. The dynamics of individual counseling are similar when the counselor is a clinician, a pastor, or a lay counselor. (Clinton ; Leaseholder, 2002) Premarital Counseling Religious policymaking has increased opportunities for development of marriage counseling. 0% of couples that receive marriage counseling use clergy. 75 to 80% of first weddings occur with in a church, or other religious structure. This gives clergy access to couples, as well as the power to set minimum marriage requirements within religious institutions. Clergy having the power to set permissions to marry, have a captive audience. Couples will submit to counseling as a meaner to get married. There are few couples who voluntarily seek pre-mar ital counseling. (Wilhelm, 2006) Clergy have less influence over couples once they are married. About half of married couples would consider relationship education such as classes or workshops. The influence of clergy is greater, when he or she is deemed morally sound. Clergy have an unparalleled opportunity to facilitate premarital counseling. The number of organizations that actually provide premarital counseling is lacking. Less than half of the religious organizations provide premarital counseling services. (Wilhelm, 2006) The most helpful topics in premarital counseling are family of origin, finances, communication and conflict resolution, and sex roles and sexuality. All couples must solve or develop the skills to resolve issues relating to the aforementioned. Premarital counseling should not consist primarily of lectures. An effective program begins 6 to 12 months prior to the wedding. There should also be follow-up counseling after the wedding. (Wilhelm, 2006) Group Counseling Four out of every 10 Americans are part of small organized groups that meets it is an enriching experience. Such groups occur in settings such as treatment facilities, churches, counseling centers, schools, and in the business world. Groups are also prevalent in the field of mental health. Wenches groups are constructed there are clear specifications of guidelines, number of sessions, and cost. Churches are primary components of small groups. Churches give small group opportunities, and are meeting needs of people in a variety of ways. These groups can include Bible studies, and support group as well as lay or professional counseling groups (Clinton ; Leaseholder, 2002). Counseling and psychotherapy groups are two types of groups that meet within churches. Counseling groups focus on interpersonal problem-solving skills. They also incorporate, support methods using a here and now framework. On the other hand psychotherapy groups are established to reduce psychological or emotional dysfunction. These groups explore antecedents to behaviors using both interpersonal and interpersonal assessment, diagnosis, and interpretation. Historical and present material also are connected. Both groups focus primarily on the needs of the individual members. There is a leader in both types of groups who facilitates, teaches or counsels (Clinton ; Leaseholder, 2002). One therapeutic model used for Christian group therapy is The Healing Cycle. This model is used in interpersonal process therapy groups. The core mechanism for change in this model is interpersonal interaction. The healing cycle is compatible with a Christian worldview, and incorporates Scripture at each step of the process. It also includes theoretical orientation, the most prevalent of which is cognitive behavioral and interpersonal theories. The healing cycle consists of six phases which are grace, safety, vulnerability, truth, ownership, and confession. In the finals phase it further incorporates grace and the cycle continues. (Hook ; Hook, 2010) Ethical Issues The church has been infected by the societal shift to post-modernism, and post- Christianity. In today’s church acts of negligence are ever present. Wrong doing is no longer accidental but intentional. Sexual misconduct, abuse of power, and other forms of exploitation are prevalent. The cause of Christ suffers, and Christianity name is slandered, because of these dreadful acts. There needs to be a renewed pursuit to uphold biblical and ethical standards within the church. Congregants still hold fast to the belief that church leadership can be trusted; therefore the standard of excellence and integrity cannot be compromised (Clinton Leaseholder, 2002). Ethics is defined as â€Å"the study of standards of conduct and moral Judgment and the system or code of moral conduct of a particular person, religion, group or profession† by Webster New World Dictionary. A code of ethics outlines standards of behavior for particular group. The focal group for the America Association of Christian Counselors (AC) code of ethics is Christian counselors (Clinton Leaseholder, 2002). Ethical decision making and subsequently ethical codes are based on three views: divine revelation formulating moral absolutes, radical individualism creating oral relativism and social constructs which produces moral conscience (Clinton Leaseholder, 2002). In the past most ethical systems were biblically based. This view undeniably viewed Gods Word as truth, therefore His statues were power to submit to this law could be obtain through a relationship with Jesus Christ (Clinton Leaseholder, 2002). The view of the AC code of ethics is derived from biblical principles. Christian counselors ascribe to Christianity, and thus should have no problem conforming to ethical standards (Clinton Leaseholder, 2002). Counselor faces ethical dilemmas. When ethical dilemmas arise, a standard ethical decision making process should be employed (American Counseling Association, 2005). It is important to deliberately engage is the decision making process. There is no decision making model that has been proven more effective over another. Counselors need to be familiar with at least one, or a combination of several. Ethical decision making is not always a clear cut process, but emotion effect decisions made as well. One model recommended which incorporates consideration of cultural differences, principles of altruism, and caring. 1 . Identify the problem. . Identify issues that are surrounding the problem. 3. Review ethics codes pertaining to the problem. 4. Have a working know of laws and regulations. 5. Obtain consultation. 6. Outline possible course of action. 7. Weigh the consequence of various decisions. 8. Chose best option (Corey, Corey, Callahan, 2011) The modern day pastor lives in controversial world. There is a rise of malpractice suits against the clergy. There needs to be clearly defined ethical accountability within the arena of church counseling. Many states do not require clergy to be licensed in the field of unseeing, as long as they are operating within a theological framework, and serve under a legitimate religious organization, body or denomination (Pain, 2010). The Practice of Pastoral Care by Carrie Doddering outlines three major ethics issues faced by clergy. These issues are prevalent within church counseling. 1. Limits of confidentiality. Clergy fall in to the group of mandated reporters. Clergy members who counsel must report sexual abuse or neglect when it involves children or the elderly. Clergy members are also required to protect sensitive information about clients (Doddering, 2006). 2. Sexual misconduct. There is a power dynamic within counseling. Because of this power dynamic the client cannot authenticate consent to a sexual relationship with the counselor. Without authentic consent this type of relationship is viewed as coercive in nature. (Doddering,2006) 3. Limits of expertise. Long-term counseling should not be conducted by a pastor unless they have been trained in pastoral counseling. Pastoral caregivers should only practice with in the limit of expertise. (Doddering, 2006) Four other areas of ethical concerns within church counseling are pastoral identity, referral, integrity, and boundary limit. Within all these areas malpractice can occur. In regards to clergy malpractice is negligent counseling within the realm of spiritual counseling practice. Another definition of malpractice is negligence in executing professional duties. In this definition of negligence implies the counselor not fulfilling their duty and subsequently harming the client. Ethics goes beyond the minimum requirement set forth by law, ethics acts as a buffer. When ethical standards are View The Bible supports counseling within the church. In Christ centered soul care theology and biblical principles are at the center. Christian counselors should consider theological perspectives while simultaneously engaging in the psychological task of counseling. Biblical understanding is essential to counseling. To be an effective Christian counselor it is important to incorporate theology, psychology, and spirituality. Came 5:16 says† confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much† within the Bible they are are more than 60 one another Scriptures that given instructions for the care of believers. (Clinton Leaseholder, 2002) Personal Reflection Philippians Chapter 3:3 Paul admonished believer that we the circumcision of God, which worship Him in spirit and have no confidence in the flesh. There are many ideas, concepts, and frameworks, ideologies, and so forth, but without a firm rooted foundation those things may pass away. The only thing that will stand is the Word of God. Through the Word lives are impacted and change can take place. I have seen demonstration of the power of God through my own life. No matter the road God leads me to on my Journey to help others, I will hold fast to the Word of God. I may acclimate care in an arena, where spirituality, and religion cannot be openly discussed. How to cite Counseling in the Church, Papers

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History of beatles Essay Example For Students

History of beatles Essay Probably the most popular, influential and enduring rockgroup of all time, the Beatles almost single-handedly reshapedrock n roll from a genre of throwaway singles by faceless stars toan artistic medium with memorable images and idols. The Beatlesplaced the emphasis on a group, rather than a single individual,like Frank Sinatra or Elvis. They also set an example for all rock nroll bands to follow with their strong sense of self-determination,going against their record company and management on manyissues, even refusing to tour at the height of their popularity. Ofcourse, their countless hit singles have become modern-day folksongs, covered by hundreds of individuals and groups and inspiringcountless more, and have sold more copies than those of any otherThe roots of the Beatles date back to Liverpool, Englandin the late 1950s. Inspired by the growing skiffle craze, JohnLennon bought a guitar in March 1957 and formed a skiffle groupcalled the Quarrymen, named after his high school, Qu arry Bank. The lineup changed frequently, but by October 1959 it consisted ofLennon, his younger classmate Paul McCartney, George Harrisonand drummer Colin Hanton. By March of 1960, Lennons art schoolclassmate Stuart Sutcliffe joined the band on bass and suggestedthe name the Beetles, a play on Buddy Hollys group the Crickets. By that summer they were the Silver Beatles, settling on theBeatles in August. That month the Beatles left for Hamburg, WestGermany, with their new drummer Pete Best, to try to establishthemselves in Europe. The band became a popular local act,performing at various clubs until they were expelled from thecountry in November because George Harrison was underage. The Beatles returned to Germany in early 1961 to record as abackup band for singer Tony Sheridan; these sessions were laterreleased during the mid-60s as new Beatles material, takingadvantage of unsuspecting fans. Meanwhile Sutcliffe had left theband to pursue his art career and relationship with Germanphotographer Astrid Kircherr. Paul took over on bass. Ironically,Stu died of a brain hemorrhage the following year, right before theThroughout 1961 the Beatles played clubs in Britain,becoming an underground sensation; they were particularlyfamous at the Cavern Club in Liverpool. Though they played mostlycovers, Lennon and McCart ney began writing original songstogether, agreeing to forever share songwriting credits, eventhough they only co-wrote a handful of tunes during their entirecareer as the Beatles. By the end of the year, Liverpool recordstore owner Brian Epstein had become the bands manager, andquickly began trying to find them a record contract. On January 1,1962 the Beatles auditioned for Decca Records, performing 12covers and three originals for AR assistant Mike Smith. The groupwas rejected, however, and told that guitar groups are on the wayout. Undaunted, Epstein got the group an audition at Parlophone,an EMI subsidiary, with producer George Martin, who signed theBeatles on May 9, 1962. After one recording session, Martinsuggested that drummer Pete Best be replaced, and the Beatlesbrought in Ringo Starr (born Richard Starkey), a well-known localdrummer, as his replacement. By October 1962 their first single,Love Me Do b/w P.S. I Love You, was a U.K. Top 20 hit, allegedlybecause Epstein bought 10,000 copies himself to ensure that itwould chart. The band became regular guests on the BBC,performing over fifty times between 1962 and 1964. In February of 1963 the Beatles returned to the studio torecord 10 songs (in one day!) for their first album, Please PleaseMe, which was released the following month. It became an instanthit, staying at No. 1 in Britain for 30 weeks and by October, femalefans were screaming at their performances , the start ofBeatlemania. Following an early November performance beforethe royal family, Parlophone released a second Beatles album,With The Beatles. By the end of the year the group had sold over2.5 million albums in Britain, and had a string of million-sellingNaturally, word about this amazing new act soon spread toAmerica. Yet, ignoring the British success of the Fab Four, EMIsU.S. partner, Capitol, refused to issue the first few Beatles singles,which were instead picked up by the Chicago-based indie labelVee Jay Records. Vee Jay packaged the early singles asIntroducing the Beatles, their first U.S. LP. During the second half of1963 it was the only Beatles material available in America, and soldincredibly well; by 1964 a court awarded the rights to all Beatlesrecordings to EMI/Capitol, and the record went out of print, only tobecome one of the most counterfeited albums in music history. In January of 1964 Capitol released their first U.S. Beatles LP,Meet the Beatles, containing remixed material from their twoBritish albums. Following a landmark three weekend stint on the EdSullivan show in February of 1964 (viewed by over 73 millionpeople), the Beatles were the biggest band in America,Beatlemania had taken hold of the U.S., also paving the way forother British Invasion groups. To capitalize on their incrediblepopularity, the Fab Four were made the stars of a comedy film, AHard Days Night, which, surprisingly, earned good reviews and,not surprisingly, produced a hit soundtrack album. Following therelease of the movie in July, the band left for their first NorthAmerican tour, performing 25 stadium dates in the U.S. andCanada. By the end of the year Beatles For Sale was in Britishstores, part of EMIs plan to have a new Beatles album out every sixmonths, while their previous albums and singles still clogged theU.S. and U.K Top 10. In 1965 the band appeared in a secondmo vie, the James Bond spoof Help!, which also spawned asoundtrack album. Another huge U.S. tour followed. Welty's Natchez Trace: all obstacles EssaySadly, internal tension resurfaced in the Beatles when AllenKlein brought in Phil Spector to produce and overdub Get Back(released in May 1970 as Let It Be) against Pauls wishes, alsodemanding that Paul delay the release of McCartney, his solodebut, in order to avoid detracting from sales of Let It Be. In anger,McCartney released his album in April, before Let It Be, andpublicly announced that he was quitting the group. On December31, 1970 McCartney filed suit against Klein to break up the Beatles,which upset the other three, who had considered periodicallyrecording as a group while continuing their solo careers now anychance of a reunion was gone, at least for quite a while. AppleRecords became a financial and legal mess. During the 1970s each of the Beatles released solo albums. Paul, performing with wife Linda in the group Wings, was the mostcommercially successful. John recorded on and off with Yoko Ono,and continued to attract attention for his radical politics (though hesemi-retired from music in 1975 to spend time with his newbornson, Sean). Throughout the decade there was idle talk of a reunion,peaking around 1976 when a Beatlesque Australian group namedKlaatu was rumored to be the Fab Four under a false name (theywerent, though their manager and record company encouragedthe rumor) and Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaelshalf-seriously offered the Beatles $3,000 to perform on his show. Though all four Beatles did contribute to the 1973 Ring Starr songIm the Greatest, no real reunion ever took place. On December 8,1980 all chances of that happening were ended when a derangedfan, Mark David Chapman shot and killed John Lennon outside hisAlthough the Beatles had not released any new albums since1970, interest in the group remained high into the 90s, theirbackcatalog selling millions of copies a year and providing Capitolwith a large part of their annual income. Publishing rights to allLennon-McCartney compositions were sold during the 80s forhundreds of millions of dollars, at one point passing through thehands of Michael Jackson. Though Capitol issued singles/out-takescompilations such as Past Masters and Rarities, a lot moreunreleased material remained unavailable due to ongoing legalproblems, and ended up on illegal bootlegs. By the early 90s Paul, George, Ringo and Yoko Ono settledtheir disagreements about contracts, permitting the re-release oflong unavailable recordings. In 1994 Capitol issued a double CD ofearly Beatles recordings for the BBC. Phenomenal sales of Live atthe BBC inspired more exploitation of the Beatles legacy. In 1995the surviving Beatles came together to contribute to a TVdocumentary about the group and select material for a plannedrarities anthology of out-takes and demos. While together, Paul,George and Ringo laid down music for two John Lennon demoout-takes, Free as a Bird and Real Love. Though the soundquality was often abysmal, the material inferior, and thesurrounding hype insulting, Americas aging Beatles fans ate upthe three 1996 double-album releases, Beatles Anthology 1, 2, and3, which sold over 15 million copies in less than a year. Capitolonce again insists that there is no more Beatles material that willEven though one of the Fab Four has passed away, they live on,almost vividly, in the hearts of the youth in the world. Nothingbefore or since the Beatles has affected people in such a hugeway. Forty years ago, four young lads from Liverpool, England gottogether and grew and grew until they were bigger than anythingthats ever been seen in the music industry. They live forever inme, the world, in music, in everything. Love surrounds them forBibliography: